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Let the leaves fall

My husband and I are opposites on many levels.

He's tidy. I'm cluttered.

He's disciplined. I'm not.

We cancel each out in the voting booth.

And when it comes to the lawn, we have clearly delineated job descriptions. I work in the flower beds. He mows the lawn. I don't touch his lawn mower. He doesn't touch my flower beds.

For nearly 25 years, this arrangement has worked fairly well for us. I have my own lawn mower. I mow other areas of the place. The lawn is his. But each spring and fall we have a disagreement.

Each spring he goes on the war path to eliminate every dandelion on the place. This is a big job; we have a huge lawn. I think dandelions are great. I think he should leave the dandelions. They are symbols of wild rebellion. I love them. Seeing dandelions make me happy.

The same is true for leaves. I love leaves. The lawn is all one color. Add leaves, it becomes interesting. Different shades. Patterns. My husband can't wait to rake them up and return the yard to pristine plainness. It makes me sad when he does that...but only for a moment. The leaves, like the dandelions before them, are on my side. So, I only have to be sad for a little while. Soon, wild rebellion begins again. The leaves jump gleefully from their perch and giggle their way to the ground. I watch them and then when there are enough, I walk barefoot through the leaves and reconnect with nature and falling.

For a few sweet, chilly moments, these leaves and I are one in our rebellion.

The world is a weird place right now. There are rebellions of all kind taking place across the globe. I often feel helpless, but then I walk among the leaves and remember their message; sometimes things have to fall to begin anew.

Just checking in from the Queendom and sending love,

Karma -- Queen GiveMeBeer of Karmalot

What Am I Listening to? A great, young Idaho-based artist:

What Am I Reading? Honestly, I haven't read much since the isolation order last spring. I downloaded a couple the other day. I'll keep you posted.

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