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Of Books and Cooks

I'm the type of reader many book lovers hate.

I remove the dust covers. I fold pages, I write in margins, I highlight. I curl paperback covers so they fit in my hand.

I bet a few of you are shuddering in horror right now.

Here's the thing: I'm of the belief books are made to be read, to be loved, to be used. If I ever finish writing my book, I want people to use it and share it and pack it around in their purses, cars and backpacks. So I hope the authors I love understand how their books look by the time I'm finished with them. I want books that have lived.

Since I started cutting back my Facebook time a few weeks ago, I've returned to my natural state of burying my head in a book rather than watching silly videos on Facebook. I've loved it. I finished two books just this week. And perhaps more importantly, I've lost patience for the bullshit I see online. I used to read through it all -- the drama and the bad science and general ignorance and become totally discouraged. Now, I keep in touch with the people and companies I want to hear from. The rest? I simply close the page and go back to my book.

I've also started doing more around the house. Spring cleaning is underway. I'm planning meals again -- more than I've done in a long while. I'm ripping recipes from magazines like I used to. I'm not as rushed. Do I still fall down the social media rabbit hole from time to time? Yep. But, not nearly as long or as often as I used to.

I found I was using Facebook and other platforms to escape... although I can't pinpoint from what exactly. When my world gets too noisy I shut down in a virtual hole. Now, I curl up with a good book and get lost in a different sort of world -- but one I find it easier to leave and get back to my life. With less stress.

I suppose this doesn't make a ton of sense. I just know that at least for now, I'm happier reading books and puttering around the house than I ever have been looking at Facebook.

The next goal is to make a better effort to see people in real life. Like you know, face-to-face interactions. I'm not entirely sure how I'll make all that happen, but will keep you posted. I'd still like to combine the books and the social interaction with a good ol' fashioned book discussion.. For those of you who live locally, we could meet somewhere and discuss the books we're reading and get caught up with each other. For those of you who live faraway -- I'm thinkin' we could set up a Google "hang-out" and include you in the discussion somehow. Whatcha think?

I've also picked out two fun books for the Book Club (if you haven't already, register as a "member" of the site and get involved in the "Members Only" conversations. )

For The months of April and May, we'll read the book I just finished, Felicity Carrol and the Perilous Pursuit by my friend, Patricia Marcantonio. I just finished the book this morning, after not being able to put it down for the past two days!. It's fun and adventurous romp through Victorian England and features a great lead character in Felicity Carrol. She's a rebel with a cause and I totally fell in love with her.

For my non fiction selection, I picked a new cook book. I watched the documentary Fat, Salt, Acid, Heat in February when I was sick and immediately knew I'd have to own the cookbook and start following everything author and chef Samin Nosrat does. I just like her style ... and I like her. I'd invite her over for lunch in my house and we'd cook and laugh. I'm just sure of it. I thought this would be a fun book to read through and maybe we can call cook a recipe or two from the book.

Check out the Book Club section when you get a chance.... and watch your emails for some exciting giveaways!

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02 abr 2019

I do the same thing. I carry books everywhere. Once I took a book to work to read during my break. A co-worker sat next to me. I dog eared my page and set it down. He took book and pushed the ear back-up. He then took a coin and worked the crease out all the while lecturing me on proper care of books. Then he went page by page looking for more ear creases. He was tripping out and so was I. Several weeks after that he asked me out. For that reason aloneI had to say no. Total deal breaker right there.

Me gusta
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