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Preparing for Battle

Ok, look, when I say “battle” I’m assuming the vast majority of you aren’t headed into actual battle. Battle as in, people-are-trying-to-kill-you battle. I’m talking about the daily struggle to keep you head held high. The moment -to-moment survival in every day life. Because sometimes, it seems like battle. Road-worn and weary we have to face life as a grown up. Somedays it sucks. Most days, it’s filled with miracles that get lost in the hurricane of what happens while we were making other plans. So a couple of weeks ago, I suggested you make a crown or two. Something to wear on your head when you need reminded you’re divine. When you’re feeling that “the-struggle-is-real” kind of feeling, your crown will remind you all things are possible. Now we need our prayer flag. To me the prayer flag is another reminder that we are capable humans. I want a prayer flag that is a manifestation of the prayers I lift up to the Universe each day. (You may insert your favorite deity here) Now listen! Don’t get on Pinterest and search “prayer flag” and get all intimidated and think your flag will never be cool enough. That’s rubbish. Your prayer flag need only be significant to you. It should be something you can carry with you, or wear or look at before you leave the house. It should be something you feel is lovely and warm and a reminder that everything you need to survive the battle is already within you. I am doing this project right along with you. So I made a list of the things I want to work on. These are my current prayers for strength and healing.

These are the things I am working on right now.

*self-foregiveness *self-acceptance *balance *creative blessings *Balance *Peace *clear of clutter *becoming

Notice I wrote “balance” twice. Apparently my subconscious is trying to tell me something. Next, I took that list and looked for common themes in the words.

*Acceptance *Peace *Power *Step into strength

Then I thought about obstacles to making my prayers turn to strength. *Don’t handle set backs well

Common themes in my prayer list

And then I meditated a bit on themes or things that were important to me

*Climbing mountains *Water

Hmmmm… so I let all of these words and thoughts stew for a bit. I decided they all have something in common. They’re about a journey. My journey to self acceptance and love. My flag needs to say “Trust the Journey”.

These are the themes I’ll use to create my prayer flag.

This is significant to me because I tend to be a rather obsessive planner and when things don’t go according to my plans I get twitchy. I’ve really, really been working on this and now I am much better about just rolling with it. My friend Sally gave me this analogy and I love it. “You can either sit around and allow the wind and rain pelt you and whip you around or you can throw a lasso around that hurricane and hop on for the ride.” I loved that thought. Saddle up and dig in your spurs and go for the ride. Life is full of hurricanes. It’s your choice which flag you’ll fly. I choose victory.

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