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Proclamation from the Queen: Go Outside, but not too far!

People travel from all world to visit what is in our backyard.

I'm not even kidding.

The most recent numbers I found on an inefficient internet search shows 33 million people visit the state of Idaho every year and they spend $3.3 Billion dollars doing it. $184.2 million of that is spent right here in South-Central Idaho. (

But here's the thing that I question: when those of us who live here want to go on vacation, why do we leave? We live in one of the most beautiful and sought-after spots on the planet, but when we need to "get away" we literally go away.

I'm guilty of it. And it's not because I've seen all there is to see in this fine state. There's plenty of spots I've never even visited within an hour or two of home.

In fact, I’m rather fascinated by the notion of “get away from it all”. Not so much that we all need to disconnect here and there, but that we need to leave our community to do it. Sure – I understand that with cell phones etc., it’s hard to get away. “They” can always find you. What I see myself and others doing is desperately trying to "bank" time so we can physically leave our homes and neighborhoods and "get away". That time never seems to come or when it does, it’s so stressful to get all the logistics organized to be able to break away for a few days, you start your vacation so exhausted it's hard to enjoy yourself. But what if we could get away from it all after work or once the kids leave for school or for a few hours on a weekend? What if we didn’t wait until some magical collection of days were available to take the much needed break?

This summer, I’m on the hunt for those opportunities. I'm looking for the places you can sneak away to for 10 minutes or an hour and disconnect for a few blissful moments. I’m calling it the “Hunt for the Hidden” as part of my “Explore the Queendom” series.The first stop on this journey is a site I discovered with the help of my friend Shelley – Queen BikesandHikes. She’s been running this path known at the Old Towne or Rock Creek Canyon Parkway in Twin Falls for several years. A couple of years ago, she took me there for a walk and I was captured.

Earlier this month, I asked Queen Shelley to join me and some of my favorite Queendom inhabitants on a tour of Rock Creek. We met at and entered through the park's main entrance in downtown Twin Falls near the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation office. It's just over 45 minutes south of my main castle location. We were able to see the newest part of the trail and also walk along some of the original trail. Shelley says the City of Twin Falls bought the land in the late 1970s. At the time, it was a polluted mess – a literal dumping ground. The city of Twin Falls and some dedicated community members have worked hard to clean it up. While there is still a lot of work to do – I don’t know that I’d fish here quite yet – it’s simply lovely. What great is that it’s in downtown Twin Falls -- it runs from Old Towne clear to Addison -- So it’s easy to sneak away and disconnect for a few minutes between meetings, practices, grocery shopping or whatever takes you to Twin Falls.

I’d encourage all the Queendom to visit this park or find one of your own to get-away-from-it all for 20 minutes or an hour at least once a week.

You deserve the time away – I promise it’s ok!

And also, if you have a suggestion for a hidden getaway, please let me know.

--Queen Givemebeer of Karmalot

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