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Karma Metzler Fitzgerald

storyteller, changemaker, community builder

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Advocacy Work

High Fives
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Karma advocates on behalf of families, especially in underserved communities, to access resources needed to reach their full potential.
I write from my heart chronicling the ups and downs of the challenges we face each day to be our best selves.

my blog

on the podcast

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Join me as I talk to the people on this big ol’ rock we call home and explore my curiosity about treating each other with compassion and kindness.
Are those of us in the middle
– in the purple between red and blue – not so far apart after all?
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my queendom

My Queendom is made up of my home in rural Idaho, my community, and the world around me. I'm a "bloom where you're planted" kind of girl, so where ever I am that's my castle.
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