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Queenslog April 17, 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

My Queendom….

How are you, my lovelies? I find I’m a bundle of emotions this week. Let’s see if I can unroll a few of them.

**A Political Post – I got too busy to post about politics earlier this week so here’s a quick rundown. Earlier today, the governor of Idaho signed a bill that will make it damned near impossible to get an initiative on the ballot in this state. Never mind the overwhelming testimony against it, including from members of his own party. (A former Idaho attorney general and Idaho supreme court justice turned in 16,000 signatures against the measure for Pete’s sake.) Once again, Idaho voices a silenced. There’s already a lawsuit in the works, so this signature will cost Idaho taxpayers.

The Idaho House of Representatives refuses to sign any funding bills. The Idaho Senate had to take a recess for a few days because they literally have nothing to vote on. The legislators on the far right in the House are holding everything hostage. Why, you ask? Because a group of them have decided Idaho has been taken over by the liberal agenda, whatever that is. How do liberals take over if we are in the minority…like by a long way? Is this really happening? A friend of mine put it this way: “It’s as if the conservatives in this state, one of the reddest states in the union, are looking at other conservatives and saying ‘prove you’re conservative enough’.” Ugh. What sort of world have we entered?

**The Lincoln County Youth Commission welcomed a 9-member Americorp team to the youth center this week. I’m so impressed with these kids. They’re polite, hardworking, intelligent and thoughtful. They’re a great addition to our community and I can’t wait to show you all the great things they’ll accomplish while they’re here. The community has been incredibly welcoming – bringing food over for them and making sure they have comfortable beds and living quarters to use while they’re here.

**My podcast still hasn’t started. Apparently, I still don’t have the right equipment. Ugh. I need a babysitter. One of the Americorp kids has taken pity on me and thinks he can help me figure it out.

**My baby turned 19 this week. I’m not coping well. How can he be 19? We got to see the Sweet Prince play live yesterday for the first time in a year. I’d dang near forgot how to attend a live concert! It was so lovely to hear the music on something besides my computer speakers.

**I’m just ending week two of my 30 days of not speaking negatively about myself. Holy cow, folks! This is way harder than I thought it would be. But when it’s working it’s pretty amazing. For example, when I’m at the gym, my instinct is to watch myself in the mirrors and either close my eyes or think things like “OMG my arms are flabby” or “Or I look ridiculous in these leggings.” When I’m not being mean to myself, I think, “Only 5 more reps” and “I really love deadlifts”. But the mean girl demons are a strong force. As I mentioned, I am working on an art project to go with the movement. I got the first set of photos back from that work. Wowza-- the mean girls are swarming. I’m chronicling that in the Members Only section as it’s pretty personal stuff and I want to be able to monitor who is seeing it. What is really, really clear is that I have 54 years of diet culture and self- critiquing to unravel.

**It’s looking like we might have a nice day after 10 days of blustery Idaho spring wind, so I think I wander outside for a while. I hope this finds you all well and warm with the loves of your lives.

Be well and blessed be,

Queen GivemeBeer of Karmalot

What I’m listening to:"Bad Ass Babes Club" playlist on Spotify

What I’m reading:: I'm still trying to finish Braiding SweetGrass

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