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Queenslog August 9, 2017

As many of you know, the masked marauders have entered our space and absconded with and subsequently murdered 4 of our citizens.

This will not be tolerated.

After several days of study and stalking your faithful queen, me, attempted to eliminate the invaders using traps and various amounts of bait created after perusing the volumes of You Tube videos available on said subject available on the queen’s mobile library.

At long last, a mercenary from a neighboring land eliminate 3 of the culprits and our border spies saw no action from the enemy for several days.

I put Soul Warrior Yarn-a- lot on the job. She surveyed the damage, took inventory and met with our spies to develop a plan.

I left to spend time at my lake-front castle and to make my yearly pilgrimage to the official winery of the Queendom.

However, early this morning a message arrived from Karmalot – the rascals are back and I quote:

“The fuckers are back”.

Having filled my saddle bags with wine, brandy, cider and a variety of yarn to serve as payment for her services, I’ll be leaving soon to join Yarn-a-lot in battle. She and her trusty and perfectly snuggly companion, Bodie

will maintain watch in the Queendom. She is fully armed and ready to do dirty deeds dirt cheap if needed.

As always, I’m forever grateful to the Soul Warriors for their continued protection and support of this Queendom.

Raise your glass….on to victory,

The Queen

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