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Queenslog, Stardate April 10, 2021

Updated: Jun 28

Queens log April 10, 2021

Hello again, Queendom

The high winds we’ve had around the Queendom this week have apparently blown away about any ounce of ambition. I guess that’s it. Could be the large glass of Jameson and ginger beer I’ve been sipping on all afternoon. Let me see if I can get you updated on the last week.

**I’m convinced I can bring public transportation to Lincoln County. It’s a mission from god. It’s needed. First, we want to be able to get kids to the new youth center, but the more we looked at it it, the Queens and I could see any number of ways some sort of transportation could help people. For example, we could get people from Richfield and Dietrich to the non-emergency medical bus lines so they could get to doctor’s appointments. We could get people to the College of Southern Idaho. We could get people to the Idaho outdoors in areas outside our county. There’s a myriad of options. I still haven’t figured out a few key details, but I’m making progress. Stay tuned.

**We didn’t get to start the podcast this week. I wasn’t feeling great and I’m still kind of struggling with the technology. But I did decide to call it "Queens of the Rectangular Table". I’ll keep you posted.

**The weirdness at the Idaho Statehouse continues. I couldn’t even begin to start to explain how deep the stupidity runs. I was in a meeting with two excellent legislators the other day. They’re both republican representatives who work hard to represent their district and all of Idaho. When describing the business of the legislature one used the term “monkey business” the other, “shenanigans”. As a taxpayer, these are not the words I want used to describe what’s happening in the state capitol. I’ll be making a weekly political post to try to fill people in.

**Friday Queen CaresAlot of White Harvest and I went on a good will tour of the Magic Valley delivering snacks to a group of fellow leaders in agriculture.

We left at 11 a.m. and didn’t make it back to our respective castles until nearly 10 p.m. These are people I've come to count on as family and it was nice to see each of them. While we both had a 1000 other things we probably should have been doing, we felt it was important to take time out to remind our friends they are important, that their work is valuable and that they're appreciated. We felt we were spreading cheer from ear to ear.

**I’m starting a new art project this week. It’s dealing with body image and self-esteem. I have struggled with those two subjects my entire life. It’s time I let that go. I’ve worked on it pretty constantly but never been able to completely shake it. I started with something I thought would be fairly simple. It’s not. I have vowed to not say anything negative about myself. It’s far harder that it should be, but I have already started to notice changes. For example, now when looking at old photos, I don’t automatically cringe. I found this photo of my daughter and I.

Normally I’d harshly critique everything about myself in this photo, but instead, I saw a beautiful photo of my sweet, now grown, daughter during a happy moment. I’ve only been at it for a week and I feel lighter already. Carrying all that self-hatred around is heavy. The goal is to keep that up for a month, in conjunction with some journaling and photos. It will eventually appear in the “Member’s Only” section of this website.

That’s about enough for now. Stay tuned for that podcast. It could happen at any time!

Until next time, be well and be blessed…

--Queen Givemebeer of Karmalot.

What I’m reading: Braiding SweetGrass by Robin Kimmerer.

What I’m listening to: Renegades Born in the USA

PS: No update on the boob tape, the next brand to try has not arrived ... Will update when possible.

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