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Standing together, getting things done

Queens Log Sept. 18, 2023

When women stand together, they sway. Especially if they’re standing in a circle.

I don’t think any of us do it consciously, but we tend to sway back and forth. I see it more often in older women, especially those who have given birth. I guess we are all still rockin’ babies. What I love about this phenomenon is that we do it wordlessly. It just happens. When women get together there is a magical energy.

Women get things done. I’ve always known that, but in my travels and adventures this summer it was cemented in my mind even more. Now this work can be used for good, of course, but also for evil. Women are the most powerful force on this earth and we can be mean while we are exercising that power, especially to other women. I want to create a community where everyone, especially women, feels safe and comfortable and a place where they can find empowerment to be the person they were born to be. So this week, I’m kicking off my own community on Patreon. It’s a work in progress to be sure, but I hope people will find fun, companionship, inspiration and growth in the Queendom we know as Karmalot. So check it out and let me know what you think. Don’t worry, I’ll still be checking here as well.

Here’s the roundup of the last couple of weeks.

While I’ve moved away from Lincoln County, Idaho, where I’ve lived for the last 30 years, I’m still wrapping up a few of my projects. This week my get-shit-done partner, Rebecca, our amazing team at the Lincoln County Youth Center and I have been working on a $450,000 grant that would expand child care options in the county. Lincoln County families are desperate for child care and if we can get this grant, we can add 30 seats in the next year, with plans to add 30 more over the next three years. It will require the whole community to get involved because as I always say, childcare is a community issue. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Remember that transit system Rebecca and I got started? It’s growing! We recently got some funding to run a new pilot program that would help get employees of local businesses to work, especially at local food processing centers. This winter, we will start the pilot in hopes of gaining full time funding to run the service indefinitely.

Over Labor Day weekend, I got to go to the Twin Falls County fair here in Southern Idaho. I love a fair but thanks to my crazy schedule this summer this is the only one I was able to hit. I worked for a few hours at the democratic party booth and was able to see dozens of friends. While some people made a face or gesture when they walked by the booth, only 1 person verbally assaulted me. In today’s political climate that’s a victory. The man was a US veteran and Marine. I’ll give him a lot of grace. But it was pretty frustrating.

I was able to catch up with some of my favorite filmmakers and storytellers twice last week. Again, women gathered in a circle to get some important work done. I learned that just five companies control what we see … all the movies and television content is controlled by those five companies. There are more stories that deserve to be told. So my friends at Regen Media are creating their own system in hopes of getting content out that is created in a supportive and healthy environment. Later in the week, I was able to sit down to dinner with these women. While great Thai food might have filled my belly, my soul was nourished by sharing time with these incredible artists.

My cousins and I had a quick reunion last weekend. Typically we only get together at family funerals. My cousin Tina and I decided to try to get everyone together just for fun. We didn’t get a huge turnout, but it was a start. We will try again next year.

When I’m at home, I’m very slowly trying to unpack and reorganize. I should emphasize the word slowly. I am easily distracted! I’m also relearning how to crochet. I learned as a child, but I never learned how to read a pattern. ( My step-mom and sisters always just told me what to do, it was never written down.) I’m thankful for YouTube videos and patient friends.

Coming up I have back-to-back conferences on child care, leadership and transportation so I’ll be busy, but I’ll check in again soon!

What I am reading; There’s Nothing for you Here, by Dr. Fiona Hill. I started this book a year ago, but never finished it because I got busy. Dr. Hill will be in Boise next week for “Conversations with Exceptional Women” so I wanted to get it finished before I hear her speak again. If you can get to Boise next week, I’ll highly recommend this event. I was able to attend last year and had an incredible time.

What I am listening to: Remembering by Sinead O’Connor. I was crushed when she passed away last month. O’Connor was an incredible artist and activist far ahead of her time. I so wish I understood what she was trying to say when she first said it. I’ve just started the book, but so far, it’s amazing.

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