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Sunday morning musing

It's a beautiful Sunday in the Queendom here in Southern Idaho. It's been raining off and on this week -- a rather unusual thing as we get about 6 inches of moisture here in a year... if we're lucky. So the rain has been nice and it's made everything on this high desert quite green. My kids and I spent a few hours yesterday getting the garden put in. Still have quite a bit more to go, but it felt good to be out in the sun. Another storm hit after lunch we took advantage of the time to nap. This morning, I find myself waxing philosophic. Not sure why -- I think it's just Sunday morning... ya know? I think the theme of my mind's wanderings is waiting for perfection. Rather, it's why it's silly to wait til things are "just right". Do that and you'll spend your life waiting rather than actually living. Life, you see, was never meant to be perfect. It's meant to be messy and silly and, well, lived. This page is a perfect example. I was looking through my photographs from my phone and camera. Nearly every day I take a series of photos thinking, "this will be a great addition to my blog" -- but then I get here and this page isn't organized the way I want. It doesn't look right. So then, I tell myself to wait until I have everything fixed. Guess what? It's never fixed. So this morning, I decided to post anyway. My best friend, the Queen Nancy, and I had a great conversation no too long ago and she said something that has wrapped itself around my heart. "You know, Karm, we are awesome," she said with smile on her voice. "We've always been awesome. We just didn't realize because we were too busy thinking we were fat." Wow. That hit me in the gut. So true. And see people caught in that trap on a daily basis. Waiting to live their life -- to be their awesome selves -- until they were the right weight or size. How about we be awesome right now? Ever read the book series that started with "If you give a Mouse a cookie"? This is the way I live my life most days. If I start that project, then I'm going to need to finish this other project, but if I do that project, that will put me behind on this project etc, etc, until you know what I do? Nothing. So today, I'm doing what I can do. Finish what I can finish. Because it feels, good and powerful. Living now. Not later. Not when or if. Living my life now. The other day I came across a recipe for Mojito Scones. "Mojito" and "scones" are two of my most favorite words and here they were together! How cool is that?

Just adding the butter to the dry ingredients. It already smells delightful

So instead of waiting til I had friends over or for some special occasion, which would be what I would normally do, I made mojito scones this morning for ME! Because I am quite worthy of a delightful scone with the hint of mint and lime. I wish you could be here right now to smell how delicious they are.

Ready to go into the oven! I've brushed them with a bit of butter. The recipe called for sugar crystals so I found some green decorator sugar just for fun!

Fresh out of the oven! Yummy!

I also topped them with some faux clotted cream and served myself a hot scone with clotted cream, a chunk of cantaloupe and a boiled egg. Washed it down with a lovely cup of tea.

A wonderful breakfast!

I ate by myself. I'm great company. Who needs to wait for perfection?

A great accompaniment for my breakfast. Tea from

I'm perfectly imperfect and you know what? I don't need to wait for anyone to prove that to me. Neither do you.

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